12-inch instrument display simplifies interactions and minimised distractions

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The 12-inch instrument display in Volvo Trucks’ new range is designed to keep the driver’s hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
The 12-inch instrument cluster

Most of the functions on the new 12-inch instrument display are activated using the steering wheel controls and the entire interface is intuitive, adaptable and optimised for every situation. Whether the driver is performing daily checks, out on the highway at full speed, navigating to a pick-up point or loading, the digital display simplifies interactions, minimises distractions and allows easy access to critical information when it’s needed.

It also offers four different, user-friendly screen views, and comes ready for the integration of future updates and connected services. To the right, an optional, easy-to-reach, nine-inch side display means infotainment, navigation assistance, transport information and camera monitoring can be accessed as a complement to the main panel.

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