Genuine Volvo Parts & Accessories

Keep your Volvo a Volvo. Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories are designed for ultimate reliability, durability and performance. Always quality assured and made to fit your truck’s specifications. With our global dealer network, vast inventory and efficient distribution system, you can trust that the right parts will be available when you need them. And, if they’re installed in one of our workshops, you can rest assured that the work will be done by trained and skilled technicians using the correct tools. Plus, you’ll enjoy a 2-year fitted parts warranty.  All to give you more uptime, value for money and peace of mind over the long haul.

Why Genuine Volvo Parts & Accessories

  • Factory-level quality and durability
  • Easy to install and made to fit perfectly
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Higher residual value on your truck
  • Unmatched availability
  • Over 2,000 dealers and workshops in 130 countries
  • 2-year fitted parts warranty

Genuine Volvo Parts

With the right parts to the right specifications, Genuine Volvo Parts are the best way to keep your truck on the road.

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