Volvo Trucks showcased heavy duty innovations at Mining Indonesia 2019 to solve the industry’s toughest demands

Volvo Trucks Indonesia together with Volvo Construction Equipment jointly showcased the design and performance excellence of the Volvo product range at the 19th Mining Indonesia (Sept 18 to 21) at Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran Indonesia. Under the theme “Driving prosperity in Indonesia", the main highlight of the event included celebration of Volvo FH and introducing Volvo Dynamic Steering.
Volvo showcase at the 19th Mining Indonesia

Volvo Trucks stole the limelight at this year’s Mining Indonesia exhibition in Kemayoran Indonesia. Joining forces with Volvo Construction Equipment to showcase a suite of integrated products and services, it illustrated how as a Group, Volvo is able to meet the industry’s tough demands of today and tomorrow with their business synergies.

Celebrating 25 years of Volvo FH

Explaining the special edition celebration livery on the Volvo FH 610 tractor, Jurn Terpstra, MD and head of Volvo Trucks Indonesia, comments, “Today, we are celebrating 25 years of FH tractor in Indonesia. The Volvo FH has been the leading truck for heavy and long (double) trailer hauling operations in the mining business in Indonesia.”

The Volvo FH is clearly a driver’s choice as it offers a state of the art workplace for the drivers with its unique focus on driver and its revolutionary bold cab design. It is also the flagship for Volvo Trucks when it comes to image and creating profitability for the business operators as its technology such as fuel-saving aerodynamics, ground-breaking driveline and Volvo Engine Brake are intended to add value to the customers. The Volvo FH with Volvo’s unique crawler gear and ultra-low crawler gears is still one of the strongest and most widely sold truck for this application.

“The success of the Volvo FH over the last 25 years is a proof of its popularity amongst drivers and business owners and a strong testament to the quality of our Volvo products,” adds Jurn.

Debuts at the Mining Indonesia

Volvo Trucks is debuting in Indonesia its award-winning innovation Volvo Dynamic Steering technology on its FMX400 6x4 displayed. With significantly less vibration from the road surface and an improved working environment for the driver, Volvo Dynamic Steering is an important part of Volvo Trucks’ drive to improve road safety, with the focus firmly on the driver – making his working environment safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. This is possible as the Volvo Dynamic Steering system – conventional hydraulic power-steering combined with an electronically-regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear – reduces the steering force up to 85% and will dampen the impact of potholes, uneven roads and keep the truck driving straight in the direction that the driver chooses. Reinforcing Volvo Trucks focus on safety, this technology will also be highlighted as part of the Innovation Spotlight session during the exhibition. 

Improving fuel performance

Volvo Trucks is cutting fuel consumption with new software and upgraded engines. The hardware upgrades in the Euro 6 Step D versions of the D13 engine, released earlier in 2019, are now being used to raise the standards of the Euro 3 engines in Indonesia. Internal friction has been reduced with new cylinder liners and new V-shaped oil scraper rings. The turbo efficiency has been improved and the engine management system is upgraded to a newer version with better capacity. The innovative software solution Volvo Torque Assist is intended to reduce fuel consumption and designed to give more fuel-efficient driving by automatically adapting the truck’s torque and acceleration to the road topography, the load carried and speed changes. The function is only active when driving without using cruise control and together with the upgraded D13 engine enables fuel savings of up to 3%.

Key program highlights

Hosting Volvo’s joint media conference, Jurn comments, “We have a longstanding dedication to innovation, taking the knowledge built from decades of research and bringing to Indonesia products that are clean, productive and will help to drive prosperity in Indonesia.

“This year, we are emphasizing our three core values - Quality, Safety and Environmental Care. We have the essentials in place, through our quality products and excellent service, to make our customers successful. With the shift that the industry will experience, I believe we can be the brand that drives the change in bringing innovative mining solutions to Indonesia."

Aside from the outdoor product display area, Volvo has an indoor pavilion featuring the importance of service, driver and operator training and connectivity.

18 September  :

Official opening, with Guest-of-honor Swedish Ambassador Miss Marina Berg

Media conference

19 September:

Innovation Spotlight: Volvo Trucks presents Volvo Dynamic Steering technology

20 September:

Celebrating 25th years of Volvo FH

Volvo Dynamic Steering test drive



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