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Getting the most out of every journey

Petroleum & chemical transport

You’re the expert – everybody relies on your decisions and skills. And as a skilled driver, you know that the right equipment helps you manage risks and keep up your productivity. We offer transport solutions that meet strict demands and helps you deliver on them every time. Come to us for trucks that are lightweight and fast without compromising on safety or reliability.

Volvo FM

Spacious and easy entry cabs


Key product information

Power outputs: 370–520 hp.

Safe and comfortable cabs in six sizes. Optimised for low chassis weight and efficiency. Flexible chassis for bodybuilding.


Fuel options

Diesel, Biodiesel.


Key features

Electronic Stability Control – ESC. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings and Stability Assist. Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake. Light weight chassis components.

Volvo Trucks features for your operation

Explore the solutions made to make your life easier and your operation even better.

Lightweight for more payload 
We can build trucks for chemical, petroleum and bulk transport with very low chassis weight. And it all adds up to increased load capacity.

The Dynafleet services make it easy to monitor the performance of trucks as well as the efficiency and safety of drivers. Create reports across a wide range of parameters in seconds – and discover why one driver uses more fuel than another. Fast and accurate, the service helps you identify potential improvements in fuel costs, environmental footprint and safety.

Volvo Dynamic Steering the way you like it 
Are you looking for perfect stability and control at all speeds, combined with less strain on your shoulders? Take a closer look at Volvo Dynamic Steering. 

Road handling and support 
Our trucks always offer excellent road handling and control behind the wheel. And you are always backed up with the best support on the market. Electronic Stability Control assists in keeping the course without skidding. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist detects and corrects unintentional drifting into another lane. And Collision Warning with Emergency Brake makes sure to step if you should get too close to a vehicle in front of you. Just to mention a few examples. There’s more, talk to your dealer.

The visibility
Our cabs offer excellent visibility with generous window areas and well-designed mirrors. You can add up to eight cameras – one of them being the passenger corner camera, positioned in the passenger side rear view mirror.

Optimise with I-See
I-See uses data about the topography to optimise speed and gear changes on your routes for fuel efficiency

Gas-powered trucks 
Our gas-powered trucks run on LNG (liquefied natural gas) that instantly reduces your CO2 footprint while maintaining your performance and productivity.

Safely downhill with the Stretch Brake
Truck and trailer fully loaded down a slope. The Stretch Brake engages the wheel brakes on the trailer to straighten out the vehicle combination and avoid the jackknife.

Reference Client

As we use the trucks so much – sometimes up to 7,500 hours per year – a low unladen weight is very important.

Find your right formula

Talk with your local Volvo Trucks dealer to find the best solution for your chemical and petroleum transport business.