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Where all the numbers are extreme

Heavy Transport

Taking on the heaviest assignments means you need to go beyond the ordinary and do what nobody else can. You’re an expert and your challenges are unique. Our solutions make sure you can be in full control, whether slowly pulling away or covering ground at a pace. You can actually get a vehicle that offers excellent startability with combination weights up to 325 tonnes. 

Volvo FH16

Massive power and comfort


Key product information

Power outputs: 550–610 hp.

Roomy and comfortable cabs in five sizes. Optimised for long distances. Flexible chassis for bodybuilding.


Fuel options

 Bio Diesel, Diesel.


Key features

I-Shift with crawler gears. I-Shift for severe duty applications. Reverse multi-speed. 610 hp engine. High GCW, 325 tonnes.

Volvo Trucks features for your operation

Explore the solutions made to make your life easier and your operation even better.

I-Shift with ultra low crawler gears 
Get excellent startability with combination weights up to 325 tonnes – and secure full control of your power at really low speeds. And you don’t have to compromise on either fuel economy or startability. 

Up to 610 horsepowers – easily tamed 
With a Volvo, you’ll have the power you need, at your fingertips. Behind the wheel of the Volvo FH16 – it’s up to 610 hp and 2800 Nm of torque.

38 tonne bogie 
A durable solution that boosts your load capacity. Our heavy-duty bogie, can take a bogie load up to 38 tonnes with ease.

Axle load and traction control 
The driver interface puts you in detailed control of the load on each axle and all your differentials. Just turn the control clockwise to increase your traction.

Safely downhill with the stretch brake 
Truck and trailer fully loaded down a slope. The Stretch Brake engages the wheel brakes on the trailer to straighten out the vehicle combination and avoid the jackknife. 

The robust front 
Designed for the world’s toughest terrain, the robust front with the heavy-duty bumper and skid plate protects vital parts like the headlamps and engine components. Bumping into rocks and gravel won’t stop you. 

The visibility
Generous window areas and well-designed mirrors mean excellent visibility. On top of that, you can add up to eight cameras – with camera views presented in the side display. You’ll be in control.

Towing bar
Push or pull extreme loads, using the towing bar integrated in the front. Perfect when connecting two trucks or more in the same combination.

Braking capacity for every need
Our auxiliary brakes put you in control in all situations. The retarder offers stable capacity at high speeds. And combined with I-Shift with crawler gears, the Volvo Engine Brake covers your needs even at really low speeds.

Volvo Dynamic Steering the way you like it 
Are you looking for perfect stability and control at all speeds, combined with less strain on your shoulders even with extreme loads? Take a closer look at Volvo Dynamic Steering. 

Spacious cabs
All our cabs offer plenty of space for you and the things you need. With up to 220 cm of interior standing height, the Globetrotter XL Cab offers excellent comfort for life on the road. And if that’s not enough, there’s an even more spacious choice – dubbed the Globetrotter XXL.  

Reference Client

Under these circumstances, it is great to be able to rely on the truck steering system and automatic gear-ing system. This gives you peace of mind, so that you can focus on your journey without worrying.

Into heavy business?

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