Truck driver’s testimonial about the cab interior

A celebration of truck drivers

Every component and every conceivable space has been meticulously designed to make you more comfortable – whether you’re behind the wheel, resting or sound asleep in the bunk.
The bunk in the Volvo FH cab

Wider, more comfortable bed

The lower bunk is 40 millimetres wider at the head end, and 55 millimetres across the middle. You can even choose a manual or electronically controlled bunk that inclines to 55 degrees – perfect when resting, or reading.

Interior view of the Volvo FH cab

Comfortable steering

The fully adjustable steering wheel, which comes with a 20-degreeneck-tilt function, makes driving more comfortable. Conveniently controlled by a foot pedal, you can also move it out the way when you enter or exit the cab.

A class-leading seat

The seat adjustment range is world class. You can move it front to back and up or down. The new shape also gives superior lateral support and provides improved support for those with longer legs.

System for Services and Infotainment

System for Services and Infotainment

Easy-to-use navigation, Dynafleet, improved communication and quality audio entertainment. Volvo Trucks’ integrated system for services and infotainment brings these features together in one interface – touch screen. Operate it manually, and through steering wheel buttons.

Rethink your in-cab experience.



Simplify control of your services and infotainment. And feel the benefits: a better, safer driving experience, easier navigation and more efficient fleet management.

This system combines the cab’s audio and entertainment unit with the Dynafleet and navigation functions.

Integration of services and infotainment means they’re easy to operate. Touch the screen, hit the steering wheel buttons or use your voice. Whatever suits you best.

Volvo FH roof hatch

Safety-conscious skylight

The tinted glass sunroof adds to the spacious, light and airy feeling inside the cab, and doubles as an escape hatch. It also comes with a sunblind, a mosquito net, and the option for electronic controls.

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Make yourself at home

Get comfortable. Try the seat. The bed. Look in all the cupboards. You won’t believe how much space there is.

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