Fuel & Environment

The Fuel and Environment service in Volvo Connect makes it easy to monitor the performance of your trucks and the efficiency of your drivers. You can create reports across a wide range of parameters in seconds – and discover why one driver uses more fuel than another. Fast and accurate, the service helps you identify potential savings that can boost your bottom line and reduce your environmental footprint. 

Key benefits

Track fuel use, distance driven, and emissions.

Analyze each driverʼs fuel efficiency. 

Learn how to save fuel over time. 

Get alerts about potential fuel theft.

Monitor your environmental footprint. 

Improve and maintain driver fuel efficiency.

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Whoʼs your top driver?

The Fuel Efficiency Score lets you see the fuel performance of your drivers and their vehicles. Ranked from 0-100, the score shows driver performance across four key areas: speed adaptation, engine and gear utilisation, anticipating and braking, and standstill.

Trends and training

Knowing the Fuel Efficiency Score lets you compare driver performance in detail. This information, combined with effective driver training, helps you control fuel consumption over time.


Find out about our Driver Development training courses.

Fuel and Environment gives drivers the power to take control and modify their driving techniques. Potentially, it can help them reduce their fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Grow your business

Improving fuel efficiency reduces your environmental footprint. Accurately documented emissions data can help you find and keep environmentally conscious customers. Emission reports are simple to produce, and can be automatically sent to your customers when they need them. Fuel and environmental reports are available for both diesel and gas-powered trucks.

Driver Coaching

Give your drivers the advice they need to optimize their driving technique. Even while they're driving. Driver Coaching is an in-cab function that delivers continuous analysis while on the road. lt's an invaluable and responsive tool – designed to help your bottom line.

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